Aubrey Plaza Looks Deliciously Hot in These Nude Pics!

Published on June 10, 2020


Aubrey Plaza is one of the fastest rising comedians and actresses in the US.  Her appearance in numerous movies and TV shows has helped her career. 

And here’s one fun fact about her: She was named “Aubrey” after the song of a popular band back in the days called Bread. 

This sexy woman started from the bottom and starred in short films like “Killswitch” and “In Love” which were released in 2006. And later on, she appeared in various movies such as “Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates”, “Dirty Grandpa”, and “Legion”. She even became a voice actress for SpongeBob SquarePants where she voiced Nocturna. 

On top of that, she agreed to be part of different music videos where she showed how sexy her whole physique is

Want to see Aubrey Plaza in her nakedness? But of course– here you go! 

Aubrey in her naked glory


Let’s start this with a bang, shall we? 

In this photo, you can see her wearing nothing but a big smile on her face. You may be zooming in on this photo right now — don’t worry man, you’re not the only one who did that. Fist bump!

She may not have the biggest boobs, but still, those cute tits are irresistible.

Hmm… how we wished she’d spread those legs wider. 

Aubrey with her sex toy

Aubrey Plaza

Well, what do we have here? Oh, boy, it’s Aubrey fucking herself using a dildo. She’s insanely sexy and erotic, and men may be on full hard-on mode when they see this goddess.  

We bet a lot of guys may have stopped and stare at this naughty image of her — or maybe they saved this photo for future purposes.

How we’d love to hear her moan in satisfaction while playing with her pussy.

Aubrey touches her clit


Since Aubrey has been part of plenty of Hollywood shows and movies, she’s fully aware of her sensational figure. In every move she makes, she might be sending everyone at the edge of their seats. 

In this image, you can see her massaging her clit. We may not have a full view of her pussy that this would be enough to play with our naughty imagination.

Imagine if you’re right in front of her, the view might be ten times better, don’t you think? 

Aubrey spreads her legs


Earlier, we were just hoping that Aubrey would spread her legs wider so we can have a better view of her vagina and here it is!

If you want, you can take a screenshot or save this photo on your phone or computer. Who knows? This might come in handy during solitary moments — if you get what we mean.

Aubrey’s nipple shot

Aubrey Plaza Nude

Yipee! Another nude shot. 

This one was taken from one of the movies she starred in. This guy was so freaking lucky to have touched Aubrey’s breasts. If it were us, we might not be washing our face for an entire week.

Aubrey in a nude photoshoot

Aubrey Plaza

A full body shot of Aubrey in her naked glory. Wow — just wow! And she’s cleanly shaved!

It’s evident in this photo that she’s confident with her body and doesn’t mind flaunting it for everyone to see. More, please!

Aubrey’s tan lines

Aubrey Plaza

If you have a fetish for women who have tan lines, then you might get off on this photo.

In this image, it seems that Aubrey just got out of the shower. She’s wet and sexy and that makes her more erotic!

Oh, we can’t take our eyes off those tan lines!

Aubrey in Legion

Aubrey Plaza

This shot was taken in the movie Legion where she went totally nude

Here, you can see her busty ass. She has also shown her sideboob in this movie, but sadly we didn’t have a peek of her nipples. 

Aubrey’s hairy pussy


This might be the scene that made Aubrey Plaza fans ecstatic. This fully naked image of Aubrey was taken from the movie “The Little Hours.”

You can see here that she has tiny boobs and a neatly trimmed bush. We’re still waiting for that 8K resolution so experts can zoom in and crop Aubrey’s clitoris for us. 

Aubrey’s leaked masturbation video


Aubrey seems to enjoy satisfying herself and filming it. Here, you’ll see her masturbating in front of the mirror while filming every nasty moment on her phone.

We don’t know how this video leaked, but we’re grateful to whoever uploaded this online.

Here’s our final say

Did you enjoy our Aubrey Plaza nude compilation

Well, let’s keep our fingers crossed that she might join the adult industry in the future, so we can see more of her amazing vital stats!