Feast Your Eyes on These Lori Loughlin Sexy Shots

Published on July 16, 2020

Lori Loughlin

Lori Loughlin. A blast from the past! I’m not sure if you still remember her, but she’s an American actress who got famous for her role as Rebecca Donaldson-Katsopolis. She starred in the ABC sitcom Full House as well as on its Netflix sequel titled Fuller House. 

I tried to look her up on Google and I found out that she was born in Queens, New York, USA on July 28, 1964. Before she became an actress, she worked as a lifeguard. Her career started to bloom when she was 12 years old and was usually seen in national print advertisements and TV commercials. 

When she was 15, she became one of the actors of the ABC soap opera titled The Edge of the Night where she played the role of Jody Travis. From there, she spiraled to popularity. 

She was married to Mossimo Giannulli (the creator of the renowned Mossimo clothing line). Recently, Lori and her husband got involved in a large-scale nationwide college entrance exam cheating scandal. 

Now, enough with the introduction as I know that all you might want to see are her sexy photos. However, let me tell you that Lori has never been naked (except on photoshopped images) ever since so all you might see here are a few nip slips and upskirts. If you think that won’t satisfy you, feel free to check out this celebrity pussy flashing gallery

Still interested? Well, let’s get right to it. 

Lori in her prime

Lori Loughlin

Now, what do we have here? Oh, it’s Lori in her younger years. Doesn’t she look pretty? Well, she still looks lovely to this day. 

And those abs man! I don’t know about you, but I think her body is indeed to die for!

Lori and her white bra

Lori Loughlin

You want to see Lori in the nude right? Although this isn’t really what I think you’re looking for, I guess this might be enough to fuel your imagination. 

Maybe the reason why I didn’t see nasty photos of her when I looked her up on Google is that she didn’t portray slutty roles during her entire acting career. But I still consider myself lucky for finding this image in her lingerie. 

Lori naked in the bath

Lori Loughlin

Have you watched Beverly Hills 90210 before? If you have, then you may have seen this bath scene where Lori was in her birthday suit

Even though I didn’t get the full shot, the idea that she’s actually naked in the shower may be enough to turn me on during lonely nights. 

Lori in an upskirt shot

Lori Loughlin

Not everyone might remember this scene as it was a movie from decades ago. In this part of the movie, Vince picked up Lori while she was wearing a short dress and you know what happened next. Apparently, every gentleman has been hoping for this to happen. 

I know that this isn’t a great quality shot but this movie was released during the VHS days so that’s understandable. And yeah, this is actually better than nothing, right? 

Lori’s huge tits

Lori Loughlin

I heard that there were before and after surgery pics of Lori circulating the internet which are still debatable. However, I’m pretty sure that those breasts are all-natural.

No matter what people may say, I give Lori’s boobies a 10/10 rating. 

Lori in a sexy photoshoot

Lori Loughlin

I guess you may have arrived at a conclusion by now that she is the conservative type of girl. Still, Lori can’t help but flaunt her toned body for everyone to see. 

All I can say here is, she looks fabulous and adorably sexy on this one. And to think that she’s turning us on without getting naked is really something. I guess she got that charisma that everyone can’t resist. 

Lori stark naked 

Lori Loughlin

And of course, this compilation wouldn’t be complete without this photoshopped image of Lori. I know that this is 100% fake but hey, at least I can have something to aid my imagination. 

On top of that, these boobs may be a bit similar to her real tits. What do you think? 

Lori’s massive boobies

Lori Loughlin

Wow! These are awesome man. I might never get tired of kissing and sucking these beautiful breasts

Yes, this is also an edited one but dude, I like it!

Here’s my final say

Did you enjoy this Lori Loughlin nude and sexy compilation? 

Well, I hope you did. If those weren’t enough to help you get off, you can check out these Aubrey Plaza nudes!