How to Save Money on ImLive


ImLive is already one of the lowest-priced cam sites on the internet. Surprisingly, you can still save money despite paying for less.

There are a bunch of money-saving techniques you can use as you go through the site often. It’s like enjoying the best shows at discounted prices. Who doesn’t want that?

These will come in handy especially if you love the Cam2Cam feature. Let’s not waste any time though and talk about How to Save Money on ImLive.

Take advantage of Candy Shows

Candy shows are super cheap. You’ll need to take advantage of such offerings by ImLive in order to enjoy them for less.

All you need is a little tip to book a place and reach a certain goal. The model will now perform in front of a group where you are like in a theatre with other viewers. At least you still get the action you want.

Take note that candy shows aren’t for Cam2Cam. You can’t have everything all at once especially at a super low price. It comes with accumulation that it’s up to the cam girl to decide what their goal amount is.

They’ll only start to perform once that amount is reached. Be sure to pay the minimum to save yourself a seat. There are some that may charge high despite being a candy show but you can avoid that already.

Look for the fairly-priced cam girls

Of course, you have a chance to save money despite being Cam2Cam. It is important though to look for the fairly-priced ones.

You’re taking them into the private chats so you will need to save every penny possible. Don’t expect them to perform as well as the pricier ones though but through experience, it’s safe to say that the fair prices can get you off too.

Stay away from the $4.50 per minute and above-rated girls. You can get a cam girl for a quarter of that amount. That way, you can save money to spend on more fairly-priced cam girls as well.

Be sure to use the advanced search filter to sort out the prices. Slide the bar to 0.98-0.98 for the lowest-priced girls

Join the Discount Club

Some of the cam girls give away discounts. It is best if you are able to catch them while they’re low because it’s usually limited edition.

Also, take note that you will need to have more than one session with a girl too since you’re getting her at a discounted rate. That means another payment and those costs can pile up. The important thing is you’re getting her for less at one point.

There are rooms that offer 16 credits for a month and 30 credits for two months. It’s an average but there are lower rates you can get at longer lock-in periods.
By the way, being. VIP will save you 0.90 credits a minute.

Maximize your coupons

Sites like these offer coupon codes. You’ll need to present it upon entry to a private chat. It chips of some of that cost per minute expenses.

There are also block sessions that act like a wholesale offering where you pay a certain amount to enjoy maximum benefit. The total amount is usually lower than pay-per-minute. Just keep in mind that not all models offer such.

Models usually give away coupon codes in the free chats. It’s their way of enticing their viewers to take things privately. Also be vigilant because they don’t post these things all the time.

Those who like to pay for longer sessions might not appreciate the block sessions but if you are saving, then this is the one for you then.

Online Currency

ImLive partnered with cryptocurrency PumaPay to cash in for some credits. It’s the only useable one on the site and it gives you 10% bonus credits for free.

Basically, it’s like investing in cryptocurrency but spending it to buy tokens too. At least there’s still savings involved.

Watch out for treats too!

The site offers treats to its users from time to time. It allows them to save money just by grabbing those promotional credits which is spent to watch recorded videos, porn star shows, or the paid multi-viewer.

The exchange rate for these treats is around 10 Treats for 1 ImLive credit. Be sure to grab them when you see the site running a promotion for such. Grab as many as you can too!

The more treats you have, the more you can enjoy the private chat rooms.

Final thoughts

Saving money on ImLive is still possible despite it already being very reasonable with its pricing. We cannot stop some cheapskates though because they just want more.

At least you have a ton of options to choose from. While PumaPay could be risky, just think about the money you are going to save plus, there’s that mini crypto investment already.

Candy shows are the most basic but you might want to grab treats instead if you really want a better experience. Coupon codes is another better option.

As for the cheap cam girls, some of them are upstarts so you’re going to have to bear with their newness. At least you are still getting a show for less, right? Don’t use the block sessions too if you want extended stays.

The bottom line of all this is that you have to get the most out of your experience. Saving money will help you do that.